The Miracle Center (TMC) changes lives and communities through the transformative power of the creative arts. As a community center, TMC uses the arts as the catalyst for personal growth, leadership development, career advancement and community engagement. TMC believes that the arts play an essential role in the cultural life of Chicago. TMC also promotes equitable, safe, and thriving communities, particularly for low-income BIPOC communities through long-term, comprehensive approaches led by those closest to the challenges and the possibilities. With 27 years of experience, TMC nurtures and showcases local talent to their fullest potential. 

TMC also serves as a New Arts and Media Center, in which the space itself is generative. TMC's New Arts and Media Center creates opportunities for collaboration and innovation, where local and emerging artists, artists-in-residence, and companies are invited to use its space for creative purposes. This space facilitates relationships that foster diversity in innovation, creativity and entrepreneurship. The acquisition of advanced equipment, a professionally trained workforce, and a team of creative artists will benefit the agency and artistic community at large. In turn, this allows TMC to expand its current programming to include live-streams and on-demand digital media that makes art accessible to isolated and vulnerable populations. In addition, local artists and Artists-in-Residence are encouraged to work collaboratively - exposing youth to professional role models of color. TMC prioritizes access to underserved/underrepresented artists that lack resources and a supportive and affordable environment.