Expansion of Programming
  • Youth Theatre Ensemble - Advanced Apprentice Program: Ages 14 - 18

The Miracle Center’s Youth Theater Ensemble is a dynamic theatre program producing musical theatre productions. Those participating will have access to a quality education from industry professionals in all aspects of technical theatre. Design positions available include set, costume, hair/makeup, lighting, projection, and sound. Management positions include directing, choreography, music directing, stage management, and house management. Teens enjoy access to industry standard media training, equipment, and technology that support a career in the arts and elsewhere. Teens learn professional strategies for planning and communicating their design concepts. TMC Youth Theater Ensemble culminates in a final performance at our community venue.

  • Youth Dance Ensemble - Apprentice Program: Ages 14 - 18

The Miracle Center’s Youth Dance Ensemble is a chance for young musical theatre actors to work with industry professionals to develop performance skills in dance, voice, and acting. Through the use of creative theatre games, vocal instruction, dance classes, and workshops, teens learn practical performance skills they can apply to performances and a career in the arts. Teens also build confidence, character, self-esteem, and professional/leadership skills they can bring into the real world. TMC Youth Dance Ensemble culminates in a final performance at our community venue.

  • The After School Program - Junior Theatre Ensemble: Ages 11 - 13

TMC's After School Program is a tuition-free, year-round academic enrichment program for students between the ages of 11-14 offering intensive grade-appropriate tutoring, test preparation, and social and personal development activities after school, and during the summer. The objective is to aid students in developing educational, professional and life skills. Students have access to the equipment and technology that support their academic goals. TMC has fully integrated a sophisticated evaluation process for evaluating students' achievements and educational progress.

  • The Young Entrepreneur Program (YEP) Interns: Ages 18 - 24

The Young Entrepreneur Program serves as a driving force for empowering and employing budding entrepreneurs. YEP, in partnership with After-School Matters (ASM) and DFSS Youth Ready Chicago summer work programs, transforms aspiring youth into successful entrepreneurs by teaching them the importance of owning and operating their own businesses. This project-based initiative offers youth participants an extensive hand-on curriculum teaching ethical business practices, business plan development, personal finance, customer service, networking and conflict resolution. By introducing this program to high school students, they gain the prowess needed to launch a business, create jobs, and secure their futures. They are armed with the appropriate skills and confidence required to become influential business owners in their communities.

  • Adult Theatre Ensemble: Adult Ages 18+

The Adult Theater Ensemble offers adults an opportunity to further their experience on stage and to continue their life-long love for theater. All are welcomed to audition. Young actors will rehearse a show (usually a musical) for approximately eight weeks. Casts consist of 10 to 20 actors who sing, dance and act for community audiences. The Miracle Center continues its commitment to offer quality programs and theatrical productions for all age groups in this community believing that programs in the arts, particularly theatre, will continue to produce successful adults who learn life-long lessons as hard work, commitment, and cooperation.

  • Arts Incubator: The Community At Large

A space available to community artists, entrepreneurs where community members will work in close proximity with professionals. This space will expand existing arts drop-in hours, and will function similar to a community café, thus adding to the local milieu. This space will also develop private/public/non-profit collaboration on arts education, while addressing space needs for artists and creative professionals.